Online Fame is Lame

ROSIDIN has kept begging me for weeks for an in-depth interview and a photo session. A complete and utter faith that when he can get covered by an online journalist, he’ll be as famous as celebrities.

“When are you ready?”once again he persuades.

“For what?” I want details.

“For an interview. I wanna be famous. Wildly famous!”

“What are you trying to say?”

“You’re a journalist. Write about me on the Internet so I’ll be famous as hell. Just like Agung Hercules.”

“Who is Agung Hercules? Is he Javanese or Greek?”

“Gosh. Get a life, sir!”

“I do! But wait, maybe our lives, ummm, and role models are different. But anyway… Boy, you’ve got to know this – not everyone can get famous instantly on the Internet. Believe me.”

“‎Just try, sir. I’ll do it well.”

“Come on!”

“Why not?!”

” Is it ‎a challenge?!”

“If you want to…” “Errrr…” 

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