Why Tablets Never Attract Me

‎Tablets belong to a clumsy, awkward and outlandish category of gadgets, which is why I cannot care about them less. They are too cumbersome as a mobile device we can use at ease on the go. They attract more people with huge thumbs and fingers, and sadly also more pickpockets and thieves. While you can easily conceal your phone with a 4-5 inch display inside your pockets, phablets (phone-tablet) and tablets are slightly bigger. And it cannot slip smoothly into your trouser’s pockets. Never ever.

Tablets with cellular connection also make you like a dumb caller. I at times see people calling or answering calls on their tablets and I almost giggle when they holler,”Helloo?!” I would say using tablets as a phone is too unfashionable on so many levels.

‎And if you write on daily basis like me, ‎tablets are disastrous tools of writing. A novelist friend gave her tablet a try as a writing tool. She posted it on Facebook. “I’m now trying it!” she announced in a proud tone and ever since she has never bragged about the experience of writing (typing) on a tablet. I am certain she abhorres it to no end after learning how to accurately type words fast with fewer typos. Believe me tablets are not designed for writing. They are more for gazers, window shoppers, consumers, readers.

‎ (Image: GQ Magazine)

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