More Dramas, Fuel for the Journalism Industry

‎I plan to be a lot more optimistic in 2015 and here I am now drenched in the streams of information about the political drama. Last year’s epic drama seemed to keep us in high spirit and it still has a lot of sequels to come.

I don’t want to talk about whoever or whatever related to the political dramas staged currently. We all can consume the news on mainstream news websites. I’m bored with it all. So are you, I suppose.

What I’m more interested in is the fact that we have an endless supply of dramas throughout the year and journalismwise, it’s wildly SUPERB. It’s all there for us to cover, rant, write or simply sneer, mock and spit at. ‎The material is so so abundant you’ll find yourselves drowned in it before you even try to plunge.

This is how I choose to be optimistic this year. Understanding that the industry is stimulated by such never-ending dramas ‎keeps the industry of journalism happy and alive, and ultimately growing fast. And when this happens, there’re more jobs for writers and reporters like me or even hopefuls out there.

Thus, I’m lit up. Aren’t you?

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