For God’s Sake, Toilets are Never the Safest Place to Be Yourself!

‎Holy cow! You can never just say something nastily honest even in toilets. Never ever again!

Here’s how the story went. It was all clear, not so blue easy sky out there this morning. ‎As usual, we went into the toilets. The gentlemen’s are always packed with us polishing our appearance before going to our real work, if any. Some were busied with combing their hair, resulting in shiny wet look which is trending again nowadays. Very retro, I must say. That’s not for me though. Totally not. Simply because I’ve already looked so without even trying hard.

“Watch that shaft, buddy,” I blurted that as I went in‎ and found my friend facing the urinal with his pants unzipped.

He watched his manhood for like ages‎. I had no idea totally about what he had observed. He said nothing but cast a glance at me and smirked. Murmured he seconds later,”What do you want?”

“Relax, I don’t want yours. I have mine already,” I swore I didn’t plan to be that outspoken. But with this bald man, I couldn’t stop myself from being such a jerk with a dirty mouth. Some people are wildly talented at encouraging me to unleash my potential of becoming such a verbal pervert.

‎We rushed to the basin and opened the taps with one single gesture. Yes, our toilets have that cutting edge technology that enables you control your tap or flush without a single nudge. It’s quite effective to avoid contamination and infection, definitely.

And so suddenly, that door opened. While my bald pal and I were conversing, thank God we didn’t say nasty things, a tall guy ‎dashed to our direction. We know who this young man is. There was a thick book in his armpit. He was tall and lanky, just like his father and grandfather, who is our company’s founder.

‎He was one of the heirs, who this morning happened to use our lay men toilet!

I was silenced. So was my hairless friend. We stared at each other, as if we asked for explanation on why he came here. He was such an outlandish creature ever to get in and pee or poop here. Besides, he had a book with him in the toilet. I still find it hard to imagine starting a day sitting in the closet for some time with trousers and briefs pulled down‎ with a book to read in hand. What a breakfast!

In retrospect, I instantly replayed what I’d just said. Good God, we didn’t say nasty things about the company or the family, or anything else that might put our blossoming career in huge jeopardy. ‎But I slightly regretted saying the urinal jokes.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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