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She Brings LinkedIn to the Whole New Level

Haphazardly enough, this lady singer added me on LinkedIn. We all know what LinkedIn is. We know what kind of people typically flock on this social media site. It’s way different than Facebook which has already been inundated with baby … Continue reading

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Edward, the Photographer

‎Edward is really humble. He doesn’t want any acknowledgment or credit from what he has done so far. He is one of the photographers of my yoga photos.‎

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Maya Tidak Gila

Maya itu aneh tetapi nyata. Di kelas, selama kurang dari setahun kami berada di satu bangku yang sama, ia diam seribu bahasa. Kami tak saling menyapa. Ia tidak bisu. Hanya saja, saya hidup di dunia nyata. Maya, di dunia Maya … Continue reading

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