She Brings LinkedIn to the Whole New Level


Haphazardly enough, this lady singer added me on LinkedIn. We all know what LinkedIn is. We know what kind of people typically flock on this social media site. It’s way different than Facebook which has already been inundated with baby boomers like your fathers and mothers, Twitter which is known to be addictive to youngsters with lack of long form writing ability, Instagram which really is full of valueless selfies, and so forth.

To tell you the truth, she is the first dangdut singer ever adding me to her network. Is it herself or her manager doing it all? I suppose the later.

After all, my point is people now tend to use anything as their marketing tools.


They don’t care if a social media site suits their needs, personality, audiences or not but the most important thing is they’re on it first. If it works, they’re lucky. If it doesn’t, they pretty much have nothing to lose.

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1 Response to She Brings LinkedIn to the Whole New Level

  1. Siapa tahu pengen yoga diiringi musik dangdut 🙂

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