Promotion Out of Desperation

‎You know when people promote their products or services owing to desperation plus ignorance of effective, ethical and brainy strategies. They simply bombard your neews feeds with self promotional updates. It’s all right there to see and dislike.

And guess what, how many people really want to buy from merchants like this immediately? I don’t. Maybe you don’t. I don’t know‎ but still it’s sickening and foolish to see.

So these so-called entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs‎, or whatever titles we can find to attach to them, are B.S. (Bachelor of Suckers, for sure).

I liken these pseudo marketing strategy to the marketing and sales strategy of street vendors. Yes, I am being mean and rude right now because I cannot take it any longer. I can NOT. They are pretty much like street vendors, who desperately knock everyone’s window of cars at a super hectic Jakartan intersection and offer what they ‎have by shouting and being very pushy and annoying.

So please, please, don’t be such a jerk to your potential customers. Be kind to them to present the best of you. The best and most ethical, to be frank.

Dikirim dari ponsel cerdas BlackBerry 10 saya dengan jaringan 3 Indonesia.

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