A Type of Fear #Writers Don’t Get

(Noun) graphophobia: fear of writing

How on earth can someone hate writing? It’s maybe the best part of life, which is to witness or feel or perceive things around us or inside us and let other people know about them.

Yet, this sort of fear is really existent for sure. I have one friend who contacted me the night before we had to submit a piece of brief composition called “reflective journal”. She confessed she found it extremely hard to write what she felt and thought. The barriers were so daunting to her she decided to seek my assistance. She knew I’m better at handling words and writing them down. At first I thought she was joking, or even worse, simply lazy and exploitative. But she apparently meant it. She had no single idea as to what to write down and read to the entire class the day after. 

So I truly believe that such fear is real though to me it is so surreal.

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