Towards a More Robust Vocabulary than Ever

‎In I went to the bookstore in the very impulsive fashion while it was raining outside and look what I found! This book is absolutely what I need to beef up my shamingly weak, rarely upgraded and unbearably monotonous vocabulary.

Norman Lewis is really convincing at presenting ways to “increase our knowledge and mastery of English”. As we all know, vocabulary is the highly important tool that any wordsmith needs to have and most importantly use when they are doing their creative process.

As a reporter, blogger and writer who happens to partly target wider audience, I also write in English. And when you’re not a native speaker of English, there must be a demand to achieve such ‎native-like mastery of words and language. Of course I can grab a dictionary or thesaurus in the process, but that won’t work during conversations, or interviews which I sometimes have to conduct.

Yet, vocabulary isn’t always about how many words one can master. It’s also about how to employ the right word in the right context. This is seriously important if one aims to become a writer working for a serious publication or media company. Using the laymen vocabulary maybe makes your writeup more readable but how about the subtlety of picking the right words to convey our message effectively, and at the same time avoiding misunderstanding? That’s why we need to read and do the exercises in the book.

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