The Pain of a Singletasker in a Multitasking World

Multitasking is on the rise. Everyone demands things to get quickly solved at the same time. The faster, the more, the better. Do more things to accomplish more things. Push yourself and others to achieve the target based on vanity metrics and things are going to be just fine. It’s all about quantity. Productivity is quantity, according to them.

Screw it all…

You know what? I can’t work like you, folks. Unlike you, I am a SINGLETASKER, with capital because of my pride of being one, for which I am always judged and treated quite unfairly, even by myself. I think I was incompetent simply because I cannot juggle all the stuff you all want me to juggle with. ‎Then I know it’s just fine anyway NOT to be skillfully able to juggle like a pro. Because who cares about the quantity?

I like it when a buddy from the past told me:”One at a time”. He was an Internet marketer who confessed he is from Indonesia but grew up in Singapore and then moved to Malaysia. ‎I treat it like a string of chant. Yeah, one at a time…

So please don’t ‎tell me being a multitasker is a must. It sickens me.

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