Adam Dietlein: I Don’t Mind the Boos

Known on stage as the narcissistic villain Gaston, Adam Dietlein (pronounced /di:tlain/) is no stranger to theaters. Dietlein debuted on “Shelter” (Joshua) and the latest roles he was on were Les Miserables (Javert) and Brigadoon (Tommy). Compared to Jordan Aragon (Lefou) who is petite, Dietlein stands really tall. Probably more than 6 feet. He is even noticably taller than Darick Pead (Beast).

I (AP) happened to have an interview with Dietlein (AD) days ago. And this is pretty much the uncut version of the interview. Enjoy the rawness.

AP: What’s the most exciting part of playing the character of Gaston? AD: Being Gaston, you have to be self-centered. It’s all about you. You’ve gotta be superficial. That aspect to me is fun to do. I’ve got to be semi outrageous on stage. And just being a part of this show is incredible. It’s truly Broadway Disney’s Musical and I’m working with all the other actors. It’s been absolutely all treasure, being able to travel and doing it here in Indonesia.

AP: Have you encountered a hater of Gaston?
AD: Haha. This is a good question. In one of our stops, there were some boos at the end of the show for Gaston and those boos just make me smile but then I get messages from people saying:”I know you’re the bad guy in the show but I can’t help loving you”.

AP: Is there any challenge to play a bad guy like Gaston?
AD: I think I play bad guys better. I think I am a happy-go-lucky guy off the stage but I’ve played other characters, which are more gruelling. I think it’s more fun to play the bad guys. Gaston is not the typical Disney villain. He is not mean but his devil is his being superficial and it’s all about him and you start to see the inside of his character, it’s not pretty. I think it’s that what the show is showing. Looking more into the heart of people whether it’s good or bad. And with Gaston, unfortunately he needs to change a bit.

AP: Is it your childhood dream to be Gaston or to be involved in this musical? AD: Yes, I think as an actor, you have certain roles that you want to play. About a year and a half ago, there was in mind like,”I need to play a selfish, egotistical character.” I need to play Gaston. And then this opportunity came up.

AP: Is it really itchy to wear the wig?
AD: No. We work with David Lawrence. He designs all the wigs. And it’s for my head but it feels wonderful. It breathes nicely and it really adds to the character of Gaston.

AP: Any challenge to adapt the character from the motion picture to its real life version?
AD: I think the original director of the Disny musical wants to have it be realistic, more realistic than it is in Disney movie. And for me it’s very tough to hold back and try to make it real but I think we have found moments when we find that real part but I think that’s what this show is fin not only for kids but adults.

AP: What do you expect for kids to learn from the character of Gaston? AD: Well, responses I’ve got… Some girls are afraid to see me after the show. However, we look so different from how we are on stage to off stage but some girls are scared in another evening and come up to me. I think it depends on the kids but yeah, most of the time they feel dry for Gaston.

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