The Liar

‎In a kingdom where a slave was working, a grand master and his chief maid lived. The slave knew the chief maid was a liar. A pathological one. While the slave along with his co-slaves worked days and nights in the most honest fashion they could, the maid pretended to be working more than the slaves to get all their credits.

One day, when the sunlight ‎began baking the ivory tower they lived in, the grand master uttered,”I desired cool air in my hall.”

“Your wish is my command, your majesty,” the chief maid replied.

She ordered the slave and all his friends,”You all hear the command. He wants the coolest air but remember, I want the cooler one than his. Or else I shall tell him all of you don’t work as expected.”

The slave’s thin arms reached out in the air, as if asking for divine assistance.

He leisurely walked into the control room of the entire ivory tower. ‎And click! He activated the arctic mode in the centralized air conditioning system and locked all the gates afterwards, leaving only the grand master and the chief maid dying frozen inside the structure.

Within minutes, he and his friends were freed already. Swimming in the pond, they were reborn as independent creatures.

(image credit: wikimedia)

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