Marriage Equality and Celibacy

A young man for decades longed for equality in all of his aspects of life. He got what he wanted that fateful day. The new leader of the society he was living in was so liberal he allowed everyone to marry anyone they wished. Even a human being of the similar kinship, gender, and so forth. Yet, the young man went bored. He wanted to push the boundaries. Now even further. He loved a book so much he decided to marry it. He went to the ruler of society. Yes, he allowed the young man to marry the book. He got overly elated by the permission. He slept with it every night. He hugged it every time he could. He even had an intercourse with it every midnight but they never had any offsprings. Again, he got bored. The young man stumbled upon a heavenly spirit. He fell in love with it, too. And of course, he wanted to marry it, and he asked the leader’s permission and he did at last get it, while abandoning the book as the boredom got its most extreme. He flirted with the heavenly spirit. He adored it so much but the thing was he could never touch it. At one point, the boredom appeared once again. Now the young man wanted marriage no more. He wanted celibacy for which he asked the permission to the wise leader. The leader frowned upon learning the young man’s wish. “You can marry anyone, anything. Isn’t that enough?” The young man spoke,”It is enough. More than enough. To let me arrive to the conclusion that I want no one, nothing, but my Self.” It seemed celibacy did not impress the leader. So he lightly told some guards,”Take him to my lions. They need some flesh to eat.” The young man stabbed himself before they reached the lions’s cage. Hence, he finally met with Celibacy. For good.

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