How Content Creators Help During Pandemic

Just got a call from a friend, telling me he and his family are very concerned about their mental health during the physical distancing period owing to COVID-19 Global Pandemic that has ravaged the entire world nowadays as bad news is bombarding them endlessly every single day.

Apparently he is asking me to write an article that explains what to do or not to do and most importantly what to worry and not to worry about. Because worrying about everything that is out of your control is a recipe of mental breakdown.

At first I honestly wanted to tell him that I have no authority as a healthcare or medical worker. I am not qualified.

But then I realized I know at a certain extent how to fact check and what sources are reliable and less biased. And some people believe more what people they know (friends or family members) say than what people they are not familiar with (strangers) say.

The authorities have also failed to provide transparency and consistency of information, which is so disappointing to most of us in Indonesia.

So if you can create content that aims to explain what in fact happens and to calm people down, please do. Because maybe these people around you will listen to you more than others. But with a caveat: please fact check and find out trusted sources before you create your content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc).

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