“Came to Me and Became a Star”: Love among the Financially-Challenged Middle Class Youths

Money is the root of evil. That might be true in many cases. But in this movie, money is the root of heartbeak and loneliness. So to speak.

Gangseok is a young man who is so unlucky. Despite his looks and intellegence, he has to beat the burden of debts and costs of his dying mother who is in comma for like a decade. He works days and nights to repay his student loans and also debts.

He met with Hajin, a girl who is looking for a prospective husband.

They fell in love but the problem arose when the two failed to reach agreement on how they should go on with their romantic relationships.

Gangseok lived in a student hostel because it is very affordable. But he knew he had to sacrifice his convenience a lot.

Hajin experienced financial troubles after the toy company she worked for had an import problem. Her salary is cut down, making her increasingly unable to survive in Seoul on her own. She could not pay rents for months and was forced to move out. She then came to the student hostel Gangseok lived and felt miserable about her own life. And even worse, she had to accept the fact that she could not see the sun as the room has no window at all.

At first both of them were not aware of the fact that they lived in the similar building but then they did and found it “apalling’, as Hajin put it.

Hajin wanted so much a man to support her financially as she was at the time struggling to stay afloat. To find Gangseok debt stricken and just as financially challenged as she was made her disturbed. She then came to a decision to break up with him. The young man plead that Hajin stayed with him and promised her everything was going to be alright. He promised to work hard and support her while still paying out his unconscious mother’s hospital bills.

But Hajin doubted him. She did not want to wait in uncertainty. So she left him and finally Gangseok made up his mind to rent a tiny and clean apartment with a small window for her though she just would not even mend the relationships.

Gangseok finally died in the arson at the student hostel causes by a desperate middle-aged man left by his family members after a bankruptcy.

I saw them as a middle class because they are part of the society and they are paid for their skills by contributing to the country through the formal sector. They can afford nice clothes and car rent and property rent but they just get so unlucky because the situation and the system of our current economy just will not allow them to overcome their life problems.

They are not poor. They have their basic needs fulfilled but they are still struggling to stabilize their life and finance. And sadly it is partly because of the ignorance of our society. The systemic failure of our civilization to protect them from being impoverished.

The failure of the government to provide an affordable housing.

The failure of these youths to control their wants and fulfill their needs as the top priority.

The failure of employers and companies to pay their employees at a cost that enables them to lead a decent and dignified life.

I definitely like this movie a lot for the lessons we get.

But first and foremost, let me give them 5 stars for their plot and message for us to notice and learn. (*/)

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