“Sunset in My Hometown”: Another Writing-themed Korean Movie You’ll Like

Writing and publishing industry and writers are considered boring. They are worlds seen as nests of bookworms and nerds and scholars and ultra introverted, eccentric, soft spoken individuals sitting all day long at their work desks all alone.

Somber and dark profession.

But this movie shows you that with some literary talent you have in brain, the only thing you can achieve is not only becoming a published author.

You can be a rapper like the protagonist Kim Haksu. Moving to Seoul and leaving his small hometown that scarred him for life, the young man hoped he could start anew in a big metropolitan and get popular with his rapping knack thanks to his literary talent of composing lyrics and poetry since his early years.

Having a bitter relationship with his father, Haksu was called by someone from the hospital his father was treated for his colon cancer. Advanced stage. So the situation had to be serious but Haksu, blinded by his avenge towards the irresponsible dad, never thought it was. He thought his dad just wanted to screw him again and again.

Sunmi turned out to be the mysterious caller and she still had that crush on Haksu just like in their high school days. An unrequited love it was. Haksu loved Mikyung instead. But Mikyung, being a playgirl, did not want to be steadfast with only one single guy. She kept open in her relationships with these boys even in her post teenage years.

Haksu was confronted by so many blasts from the past. He had to encounter lots of people from the past that brought him a lot of pain and grudge. His literature teacher who stole his poetry notebook, for example.

But he also had to pay his being a bully in the past. A kid he used to bully had become a gangster in the hometown and tried to take revenge on him while he could not leave the town because of a groundless accusation from the local police.

A movie that makes us rethink the definition of home. Sometimes running away from the past is impossible. Somehow you will be dragged and sucked to the past again and this past will envelope you without mercy until you resolve everything. No escape. No exit. Just deal with it now or you will never move forward in life.

Park Jungmin nailed it again. And for his mud fight scene that bruised his smooth facial skin which is a highly treasured asset for men in Korea, he deserved 5 stars from 5 from me. Brilliant acting. (*/)

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