The Stubborn Ego

A friend shared this story of his wife telling her that he should not go to the nearby mosque for Friday prayers in time of pandemic. His wife in great length spoke that his actions could just put the small family at risk. He may see people unknown at the mosque and only God knows where they are from. And he abode. Half heartedly.

Then came the time when his wife wanted to go shopping for groceries. Not luxuries. So she thought the nearby supermarket would be okay. Just before she got out ouf the house, the husband asked if she may just need to get the groceries their household needs from the nearby stores. In walking distance.

“How could we doubt going to Allah’s house when we can freely go to a supermarket when no guarantee we catch the virus or not?” The husband stressed.

Then the wife almost shed tears. She thought bad about herself, saying she did not mean to prevent him from observing Allah’s command.

Both have their own justification. The husband wanted to justify his ego by showing his religious obedience. That no matter what happens God comes first. Nothing else matters.

The wife wanted to justify her ego, too. But she showed different urge behind her action. She wanted to get the groceries at the cheapest price. Her family deserved the best stuff to eat but still the stuff must be best priced. Nothing else matters to her.

Just stop it, you both!

I too have my own ego who to satisfy.

By judging you both are fanatics of your own causes.

Your own justifications.

Your own excuses.

That bias is actually everywhere to see.

It is all about who wins the argument.

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