From My New Normal Getaway (part 1)

Burning down the stress in the short corona getaway

In the New Normal, people start to leave their homes and do whatever they can to stay sane by finding a place to destress and unwind.

I am no exception.

This week I was on a very very brief midweek getaway. And I can say it helped me dump all the emotional and psychological baggage I had for the entire corona lockdown at home and working from home period.

I have also seen people around me trying ways to reconnect with the nature, something they lost during the lockdown as they were staying at home like most of the time in the cities witnessing the government and all of us fail to curb coronavirus completely.

Rumah atas sawah or house above the ricefield at BSP Farm, Cijeruk, Bogor, offering you a majestic view everyone will envy.

My corona getaway lasted only two days. But the effect was so great that I can still feel the impact on my soul and wellbeing days after. I was wondering how much time it takes to completely be in need of this getaway again.

Yes, that is the house I was staying. Rumah atas sawah.

I live in the megacity where all I can see from my window every day is a jungle of concrete but in my getaway I was served with an expanse of greenery and fresh air no richest urban folks can enjoy in Jakarta.

Yes I still work on my laptop but this time it was for fun working with a welcome drink from BSP Farm.

Arriving at the farm in Cijeruk around noon, I felt awestruck by things around me. All was green. All was nature. All was neatly treated and well thought.

Behold the amazing picturesque view before you!

Foods are organically grown here because it is an organic farm. My first meal was the lunch and it was a very sumptuous one. As you can see below, it was a vegan lunch. This is thanks to their question before my friend and I booked the house. They even bothered to ask if we wanted to have a vegan menu or regular omnivorous one. Then I picked the vegan menu as I want to enjoy more of its organic produce.

First meal at the farm. Delish and healthy!

My lunch menu was no disappointment. Palatable and as healthy as it could be. Sliced papaya, fresh produce as side dish, fresh sambal, and fried tempeh. (Sorry the oranges were not theirs. I brought them from Jakarta.)

Time to spoil your senses with plants and flowers!

After lunch, it was the time to take a short walk and had a sightseeing that I badly needed to destress. We went to the main lobby which is a very quiet establishment.

Just a floor beneath, pak Usaha (a man who runs this farm) live with his small family and all the workers.

The lobby of BSP Farm
The lounge

I had a short walk around the coffee plantation and soaked myself into the ocean of oxygen.

Afternoon snack

Things went awry when the power failure abruptly struck the entire farm. I never saw this coming! But our phones came in handy and soon after they with a lamp came to rescue at our house.

Cool wind blew and drizzle came down when we went out to the lawn for a bonfire.

Power failure seemed to ruin our getaway but make no mistake! It actually helped us enjoy even more.
It helped warm our body up at night.

No stars were in sight as the sky was shrouded by clouds. Which was unexpected because in July it is usually dry season. But I cannot fight against nature. She is always right! (To be continued)

[Read the second part here: FROM MY NEW NORMAL GETAWAY (PART 2)]

Dinner awaited!

Here is my recap in a video if you don’t bother to read.

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