Some Flowers from My New Normal Getaway


I told my friend yesterday that humans are viruses to the earth. That human population has now become so high that the balance of our ecosystem has been under massive threat!

He accused me of being overly cynical. He thought of me being an arrogant pessimist who is in denial of the fact that I am too a human being. I am undoubtedly too part of all this chaos.

He is true.

Humans reproduce and babies are born every single second as I am typing this post. And boy, is it a wonderful process of nature! Everyone praises the joy of having a child in their family. But as babies grow older, they lose their cuteness. And starting from their very first second of their lives, they begin to burden this earth.

But plants are different.

Flowers are part or all of plants’ reproductive structure. They are distinctive in color and form. And most importantly they are beautiful even if they grow in abundance.

Flowers are always seen as a symbol of beauty, happiness, respect, and gratitude in global civilizations. All humans without exception agree on this idea. No civilization or faith or religion has ever denied the beauty of flowers.

Plants never destroy our planet even if they are growing fast and proliferate so easily.

Perhaps because plants are not created with greed.

Plants know no ambition to rule or own in their lives.

They are the most delicate and toughest and most persevere sentient beings our universe has ever had. (*/)


Yellowish maroon
Strong pink
Bold red
Broken white
Soft red
Yellowish white
Purplish yellowish white
Pale Purple
Whitey pink

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