August 2020

  • All Qualities You’ll Find in A Top Annual Report Copywriter

    January is here. And it’s the time of the year when every copywriter starts to be so absorbed by the yearly grind of annual report writing. I can see copywriters around me are preparing and twitching either because of their enthusiasm or grogginess upon embarking on a new project (or if you’re quite lucky –… Continue reading

  • Creating Acceptance

    There’s a lot of major life events going on in these recent few months. Losing my inner circle members. Losing a substantial, steady income source. Moving to a new environment. It’s been crazy and I can’t complain. Yet, I feel so empowered by the fact that I’m financially fortunate. I have nothing to worry about… Continue reading

  • #ifeelyoubro : Talking About Asian Men’s Mental Health in These Increasingly Challenging Times

    The legendary 2020 pandemic that we are going through now has put many men under unprecedented pressure of life. I’m not an exception. It is such a lie to say that I’m not affected by the pandemic. I do get affected by the global public health menace and I don’t deny that my mental health… Continue reading

  • The Attraction of Suburbs

    Inevitable economic recession. That is what they keep telling us on television and via mass media. Indonesia is dragged down to the swamp of malaise after being hit hard by the pandemic since February this year. We have seen a rising number of unemployment, weakening consumption rate and economic activities in general as everyone seems… Continue reading

  • Hopes of a Writer

    I believe writing is like fire at the darkest night. It illuminates. It enlightens. It guides. It leads us through the unknown. . But Indonesia is the country where writers are a bunch of second class citizen. They are struggling to make their ends meet. They have to do other jobs to survive while working… Continue reading