The Attraction of Suburbs

Suburbs are more affordable and less crowded and offer a relatively much cleaner environment. Very apt for those earning a living in the capital but wanting to take care of their well being and mental health. (Photo credit: Akhlis)

Inevitable economic recession. That is what they keep telling us on television and via mass media.

Indonesia is dragged down to the swamp of malaise after being hit hard by the pandemic since February this year.

We have seen a rising number of unemployment, weakening consumption rate and economic activities in general as everyone seems to put things on hold.

They wait and see if the pandemic will eventually abate soon or persist. For how long? Only God knows.

Jakarta as the epicentrum of all socioeconomic activities of Indonesians was seen far less jammed on its 75th celebration of independence day. (photo credit: Akhlis)

So far I have seen a lot of economic damage caused by Covid-19 in Jakarta, a megacity I have been living in for more than a decade and will leave for a suburb.

Malls are reopening since mid June 2020. They slowly attract more visitors, hoping to compensate their huge loss for months of closure. More and more restaurants are also offering their dine-in service for everyone.

Public buses serve people again as well. The commuter lines that connect Jakarta and its neighboring satellite areas also operate after standing still for months to readjust their operations to the so-called New Norm.

As I observe, Jakarta applies the strictest rules of physical distancing and personal hygiene. But even that seems to be loosening from time to time.

Certainly people do wear masks outside while riding motorbikes and cars, taking the mass transportation modes, but in private and semi private areas they just don’t give the pandemic a single F. Life goes on as usual. Like the Old Normal.

In commuter lines, New Normal rules are strictly applied. But things are running in a pre-pandemic way outside of these public spaces. (photo ctedit: Akhlis)

I took a two-hour train trip from the heart of Jakarta and was headed south.

Homebound. Sort of.

Living in Jakarta has taught me a lot and I feel like this is the time to close this chapter. I have had enough.

For this reason, I am trying to make some adjustments.

I will be working at home longer than ever. Thanks to the coronavirus. And the nature of my job as a writer allows that to happen. All I need is a reliable, fast internet connection at home and voila! I am ready to work remotely.

Speaking of suburbs, I think what attracts me most is the tranquility.

Fewer people.

Fewer skyscrapers.

Less polution.

More fresh air.

More sunrises and sunsets.

More open space.

More walks and runs and yoga.

And most importantly, more opportunities.

Thank you, life!

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