Creating Acceptance

There’s a lot of major life events going on in these recent few months.

Losing my inner circle members.

Losing a substantial, steady income source.

Moving to a new environment.

It’s been crazy and I can’t complain.

Yet, I feel so empowered by the fact that I’m financially fortunate.

I have nothing to worry about to meet my basic needs.

Above all, I feel healthy physically and mentally. The second mentioned, though, is something I’ve been constantly striving for especially in these ‘tough’ times.

When I say ‘tough’, I use it to respect others.

Brutally honest, 2020 feels to me like another year.

It’s just the novel Coronavirus that makes it a little bit different.

It’s too early to declare that I am fully accepting the mess and chaos that happen to me in this tumultuous year.

But I’m trying to do so.

Like Russian author Anton Chekov.

He kind of showed me how our attitude towards life affects what happens to us.

This is more or less what Chekov thought (cited from Robert Greene):

“I want to NOT feel this burden by all of these bad feelings towards other people. I’m going to start thinking that my father can help himself. That he was born a serf. and he was bred to be this awful person. […] It’s just human nature. I’m going to accept them and I’m going to love them for who they are.”

Hence, he freed himself from all negative emotions.

Isn’t it relieving? (*/)

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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