Can You Really Write an Entire Novel with an iPhone?

Back in 2009, when Android phones and iPhones were not as commonplace as now, BlackBerrys and HP handhelds were professionals’ staple gadgets. They were equipped with qwerty keyboards and wider screens to make the experience of writing and exchanging emails smoother.

But Peter V. Brett decided to do more with his tiny computer in hand. He took advantage of this tech product to write a novel he was always dreaming of publishing while on the commute every single work day (source:

What a discipline and determination!

Brett used this HP Ipaq 6515 to type his novel in the train to and from his workplace in the downtown New York.

It was a smartphone that just suited a writer. It offered the unbeatable comfort of typing with accuracy. So efficient and fast.

Lucky him. This tiny gadget was all he needed to write on the go. (Photo credit:

But then I watched Steven Takatsu Lee in the video above. He was typing his cellphone novel with an iPhone 3 or 3G with such a tiny screen. Can’t imagine typing on the go in a train! This is definitely not a gadget to use for people with efficiency and accuracy as their main concerns.

I too have tried to do this.

I bought a BlackBerry and it helped me a lot with my workload as a journalist back then. BlackBerry Q5 used to be my dearest gadget but now that it has a dead ecosystem, I can only use it to type on email and send it to my another email account so I can edit my draft on my MacBook.

This is much better a way to capture ideas or hints of plots, stories and characters. Just a random notion got usually be included as well. In case it was worth adding.

But then again, they’re all tools. And what makes us writers are the works that we accomplish.

I think it’s time to reread my draft and rewrite them again instead of being busied with choosing which phone I can use to write. (*/)

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