Pandemic Diary: What Do Covid-19 Patients Do in Isolation?

Covid-19 patients are isolated for weeks. Most of them get treated for two weeks at hospital. And for these weeks, what do they do? Isn’t it boring to stay in bed and indoors for that long?

So I heard this account from Izak Latu (Universitas Kristen Satywacana Salatiga lecturer), an ex Covid-19 patient aired on the local radio in Jakarta, and he told us how he recovered from Covid-19 during the weeks.

He likes swimming and this, he claims, partly saved his life. Because swimming strengthens lungs and this makes his recovery smoother.

As he was being hospitalized and isolated, he had not much room to exercise and therefore simply move his body to simulate the swimming movements. I should say this is very creative as he only used whatever worked for him.

Post recovery, he chooses to do some simple exercises and basking under the morning sun. He prefers walking as covid-19 attacks lungs and it’s almost impossible to do very intense workouts right after the recovery.

Speaking of mental support from others in the neighborhood and professional circles, he mentioned that some neighbors and colleagues sent him messages of encouragement via WhatsApp.

“Their support makes me happy and build positivity in my psyche. On the contrary, lack of such support and encouragement may partly kill Covid-19 patients. These patients who are especially in critical condition after catching the virus may be thinking negatively. Will people around them accept their dead body after their death – if they finally have to die of the virus? Will they recover and be accepted by the neighbors ever again?” (*/)

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