Pandemic Diary: The Fall and the Rise of Giants

I heard the news of Joe Biden being the US president-elect. Kamala Harris also deserves a praise for her soothing words. She brings more decency to the US administration, I hope.

I guess pandemic gives us a lot of time to ponder and plan and carry out some revolutions in our civilization.

We have lost so much because of this pandemic but we will always get other things that can replace what we have lost. So no worries. This is what life works.

Just keep going.

Changes are inevitable. So be accustomed to them.

Including our change of behavior of consuming content on Facebook and Instagram, two platforms where privacy violations occur most. Hideous!

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One thought on “Pandemic Diary: The Fall and the Rise of Giants”

  1. The election is not over. The media seems to think so but our constitution says results need to be complete and they are far from it. šŸ˜„

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