Pandemic Diary: The Ugly and the Bad Faces of Education

A university student somewhere in Indonesia died after having fallen from a tree. The poor reception at home made him climb up the tree to get better reception.

Another climbed up his house roof and got electrocuted. Now he is pleading so that doctors won’t amputate his extremities.

A young girl was beaten to death after her parents – her biological ones – felt annoyed by her failure at keeping up with the online learning demands which are crazy in this pandemic. Unable to explain the materials in person, most teachers just send assignments after assignments via WhatsApp, while hoping their students can read textbooks and parents can help along the way. But parents are tired and they are frustrated thanks to job loss and economic downturn and mental breakdown for the uncertainty and hoax running rampant about Covid-19.

The young girl body was buried and her twin sister cried days and nights until the public and police found out the truth.


But I also know parents who can afford a pricey tuition for their kids writing course while their kids are doing okay and excel in class. Nothing to fix. Just to ensure that these boys can remain on top of their classes. And all is possible with the online classes on Zoom in their comfortable houses and high-speed wireless internet connection available in every corner of it.

The discrepancies are stark.

Almost tragic and heartwrenching.

But again this is real and happening around me.

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