Pandemic Diary: Honing Skills at Home with Kompasiana

Getting feedback for my biographical blog post at from Pepih Nugraha, a seasoned biographer and founder of the citizen journalism platform

Recently I’ve been growing a large interest in biography writing. It’s said to be a thriving niche here.

But like any other art forms, it won’t pay your bills immediately. You have got to take it slow, build up the skills and other prerequisites so once there’s an opportunity coming your way, you’re more than ready to grab it and make the most of it.

So here I am, working on my passion project steadily and patiently.

I sent my entry and my biographical blog post got selected. Phew!

That said, I was entitled to joining this limited biography writing workshop with the seasoned journalist and citizen journalist platform (Kompasiana) founder, Pepih Nugraha. He is known for his excellent biographical articles in Kompas, Indonesia’s most bought newspaper.

Though my writeup got some praise from Pepih, I also received feedback which was constructive. There was room for improvement here for me and I like how he pointed out the needs to discover a bouncing point when my ‘hero’, Jonathan Sianturi, who is my gymnastics coach decided to become one after decades of dedicating his life to the rigorous sport as a pro athlete/ gymnast representing Indonesia at the world level.

For this reason, I need to dig out more about the former gymnast’s life. And to be able to do that, I have to convince him that publishing a biography is something worthwhile and useful for others. He is such a dedicated coach he even forgets to develop himself as a persona even when he obviously can. And I think it’s my job to bring more about his inspirational journey as a winning gymnast to the public.

This is probably one of the things that keep me going and make me wake up in the morning in a optimistic mood during the pandemic.

By the way, what keeps you going, living this life brutally, and attacking those pessimistic, suicidal thoughts while being locked down at home? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comment box. God bless us. (*/)

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Diary: Honing Skills at Home with Kompasiana”

  1. I haven’t really found a solid way to keep the bad thoughts at bay, but making sure I work out and write daily (the contentment of having written feels pretty good) has helped somewhat. Anyway, terima kasih untuk artikel ini, from your neighbour in Malaysia!

    1. Hi Stuart. Thanks for reading this. Yeah sometimes we can just accept things as they are. No complaints. Lol. Including accepting our emotions. Good to know tou are doing well and keep grinding as a writer. Onward!

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