Pandemic Diary: Piracy Runs Rampant

Pandemic invigorates my reading enthusiasm.

The 12.12 ecommerce marketing campaign got blown up.

The already profiting ecommerce and online shopping sites and marketplaces are determined not to lose the momentum.

They keep gearing up, closing the year with stellar numbers and stats.

But I am one unsatisfied, inveigled customer today.

An online seller on one of the marketplaces sold me books which turned out to be PIRATED BOOKS.😤

Such a jerk.

Profit for the company.

Profit for the ill-minded seller.

A lesson for struggling writers and prudent readers: CAPITALISM HELPS AND THEN CHOKES.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Diary: Piracy Runs Rampant”

      1. Now that makes sense. At least the bookseller’s kind enough to slash the price.

        Several years back, I bought several law books from this shop in Blok M Square that turned out to be counterfeit.

        I had already graduated years prior, but I needed them since I didn’t really own the ones I used as a student.

        Anyhow, those I bought were almost full priced. I only got at the most, a 30% discount.

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