Pandemic Diary: WordPress, The Only Social Media That Keeps Me Sane and Well-Fed

I credited WordPress for the first yoga client I had 6 years ago. So this man – who happened to be an expatriate working in Indonesia as a CEO of an airline – coldemailed me because he found my blog and decided to let me come to his apartment so I could teach him.

In 2014, I almost graduated from the yoga school I was attending. Yeah, almost.

I honestly told him I wasn’t certified… yet. In months, I would have been though.

But he said it was no big deal.

I was excited but also terrified at the same time.

I was more than ready to get paid but I wasn’t fully prepared for the challenges I was about to face in my first classes.

But my self doubt was proven wrong.

He felt refreshed after my private yoga session.

He confessed he desperately needed yoga to rejuvenate his ailing body after injuries and fatigue because of his demanding job. But he found it hard to go to the gym because his time was not that flexible. Having a private sesh was the only option. But again, not many yoga teachers in Jakarta could fluently communicate in English so he took the risk to let me teach him because he read my blog which was fully written in English back then.

Aside from my yoga career, my writing career also took off thanks to WordPress.

Amazing it was to see how WordPress has brought me to the point of where I am now in my writing career, too. (Well, I luckily have two main careers that keep me well-fed.)


I listed my portfolio here on this very blog so whenever people need my list of past ‘masterpieces’ I can easily share the link and they can read it anytime on the screen. Simple. No email and attachments. Links of online CV and portfolio are real solutions.

I may not make zillions of dollars but with WordPress I can make enough money to sustain myself for all these years.

And in these mentally challenging times, WordPress has provided a digital space for me to create a worthwhile stream of written content that is easily accessible for later research.

Twitter and Instagram might be giving me the same digital space to write but they are for microbloggers, instead of macrobloggers who prefer writing longer than just caption or tweets. with hashtags.

But is WordPress a social media platform?

I think so because I find connections here. And the connections are more meaningful and worthwhile here. Less cyber bullying. Less trolling. At least to the extent of my knowledge and experience so far.

Will I write more here in 2021?

Definitely yes. Because I think Matt Mullenweg is cooler than Mark Zuckerberg or Donald Trump. (*/)

A blogger, entrepreneur and social activist, Matt looked so young in 2006 WordCamp in San Fransisco, Calif. (Credit: Wikimedia)

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