Pandemic Diary: The Dream that Came True

In 2003, I began using Internet on my phone but that was far from being productive. It was all about entertainment. I created my first email and still I had no personal laptop until 2006.

But in 2009, after my graduation I used the web for more serious purposes. I wanted to land a job after leaving a part-time teaching job but because I’m an introverted person, I had always dreamed of working from home.

So making money off the Internet seemed the most plausible opportunity at that time.

I had a cellular internet connection at home but it was so painfully slow I wanted to cry every time I want to access my own blogspot blogs.

Thanks to the snail-paced connection, I had to spend so much time on my laptop, trying to figure out how to make money on the web.

So I stumbled upon internet marketers, bloggers and writers like Anne Ahira (, Jonru (I know, he was a kind guy back then), Lynn Terry (, Darren Rowse (, Bryan (, Deb Ng ( and Yan Susanto.

They opened my eyes and ushered me to the possibility of making money through internet when people around me still think that internet wasn’t a big deal.

Even my father asked me if I got paid still for working from home. He didn’t understand how people get paid for sitting down, sipping tea or coffee with a laptop connected to the internet. It all seems like a pastime instead of a real job. Of course, he is an ultimate boomer. I don’t blame his mindset but in his times, people had to get out of home and move their arse to just make a little money to buy foods to survive.

So in this pandemic, I am reminded of the time when I sat for hours at home writing blogs just to make money from Google AdSense, which later wouldn’t work. Bitter experience.

But I did make money through my writing skills and article spinning. Haha. I seriously found out that bloggers and internet marketers at the time used a software to create a number of articles to be published on many blogs to create and build links, which was meant to create authority. Gosh, I can’t believe I did that.

I also made some affiliate wordings on Amazon to sell the affiliate products there. Did it make money? I was paid US$ 1 for each piece about a product. And because of this, I set up a PayPal account and to do just that I couldn’t because (it sucked to be Indonesian), PayPal at the time didn’t receive fund from Indonesian banks. And it only received Visa or MasterCard credit cards. So I bought a virtual credit card and set up my own PayPal account just to purchase ProBlogger’s ebook! What a struggle to be a blogger.

In retrospect, now I realize that that dream has come true. In 2020, I am working peacefully at home with a laptop on all day long and get paid enough to survive the economic recession.

Isn’t it something to be grateful for? (*/)

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