Pandemic Diary: Urban Gardening for Everyone

Jakarta might be lacking green space so that is why we struggle to find ways to make our own gardens with anything.

Take a look at this.

This hanging garden is not mine but my landlady.

She always speaks to me about the benefits of gardening.

“It keeps you sane. It is good for your wellbeing, darling. Believe me,” she states again and again.

She bought a sack of ground specially made for gardeners. She puts the seeds her boss’ son gave her and gladly plant them on containers.

Every morning after she is done with the dirty laundry and cooking, she takes a rest and lays her eyes in this not so lavish garden.

She could not complain.

I say to her that gardening thing may make her happy.

But what can really make you happy? I ask her rethorically.


Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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