Pandemic Diary: Dreaming of Covid-19 Vaccination

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VACCINE is something we all dream of more than a Covid-19 negative result statement.

But that is NOT going to happen anytime soon for second or third-world countries with less financial power to obtain vaccines and distribute them speedily to their people. Indonesia, for instance, is still struggling to bargain.

But for ultra rich countries with very few populace like United Arab Emirates, it is already happening.


Because they have A GREAT DEAL of money. They don’t mind paying a lot to be the first to save their people.

Sinofarm has officially distributed their Covid-19 vaccines to United Arab Emirates. And the first priority recipients are essential workers such as public service workers at airports, hospitals, police department, embassies, etc.

After that, other less prioritized citizens and foreign residents may apply for the vaccination. But before that, one must qualify. No one with chronic diseases and other risky factors can be immediately vaccinated especially when this is an early phase of vaccination. So if one develops high cholesterol level, high blood glucose level, s/he must be treated first before being vaccinated. Or else, some unwanted effects may ensue.

The injection must be administered twice. The second is administered 21 days after the first. Quite complicated.

There is no report of death or contraindication of the China-based Sinofarm vaccine. At least as of the writing of this blog post.

Indonesia has already seen some resurgence of anti-vaccine movement these past months. Some are questioning if the vaccine is halal (sharia-approved) or not, if there is any significant negative side effects (such as fever resulting in death or other permanent disabilities), etc.

Speaking of halal issue, UAE’s cleric association has issued a fatwa that if there is any haram substance in the vaccine, the muslim citizens will be deemed sinless and forgiven because this is emergency and there is nothing more important that saving as many lives as possible in the pandemic.

The clinical test by Sinofarm had involved 31,000 subjects aged 18-60 years of age. And these are from 125 countries around the world. (*/)

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