In Search of Deb Ng

Today feels like just another day in a monsoon season in Jakarta. Wet and windy and somber.

So I decided to just enjoy the morning by sitting and starting to work on my laptop. I’m handling a couple of writing projects and I can’t tell you how grateful I feel to work as a writer in the time of not-so-agreeable weather like today. It really is a privilege to stay indoors and still can make some money. Seriously, considering the pseudo lockdown we are now experiencing in Java and Bali (the United Kingdom, sorry you’re not alone!).

I remember on days like today, years ago I was religiously scouring that brown-dominated website called and always admired the simplicity of the blog keeper’s style of writing. She hardly uses flowery sentences. Yes, her style seemed wordy but it was very natural and conversational. It was like reading an informal letter from a friend. But this one is a decent friend. Without swearing, the F word, complaints, or negativity. It was all about positivity and mood-lifting topics for emerging freelance writers around the globe.

She was Deb Ng. I still remember her iconic profile photo. Smiling with her double chin. She looked like a stocky and amiable personality to talk with. But I had never had a chance to interact with her, unfortunately. Mrs. Ng years later sold her blog. And it was the onset of brand deterioration. Tragic.

She started another blog called and seemed to emerge as a new celebrity of Twitter but she then vanished. Kommein never took off like her previous blog. And now I can’t seem to find her anywhere.

I’ve always dreamed of her lifestyle as a freelance writer and blogger who makes money at home, which seems to be the best and safest — if not the most lucrative — profession in the time of pandemic.

I kind of miss her and her writing.

In case you know her whereabouts on the web, let her know that it was she who kept my writing fire aflame on days when nobody even myself could trust my own potential and capability.

I’m glad I keep moving forward and making progress with my writing career despite my being amateurish 10 years ago when I got to know Mrs Ng through her encouraging writeups.

This is her back in 2008 (a year before I ran into her blog) in an interview. Observe how down-to-earth she really was. It was the year when having a social media presence was still a big deal, unlike now.

Wherever you are now, I thank you a zillion, Deb!

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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