Pandemic Diary: Vaccine, Please Save Me!

So the government of Indonesia has proudly declared that they have imported vaccines from  China.  The Chinese vaccin is considered not so effective because the efficacy rate is only about  60 percent. Pretty low for the  efficacy rate of vaccines, we must admit.

People are raving about this and the government doesn’t seem to give in.  The government presses forward by  making this vaccine compulsory for every citizen alive.

And the World Health Organization says that such a policy would be very counterproductive  because they learn  that the more people  are  made to get a vaccination, the more they are against it. 

But the government has another plan to convince people to get vaccines without reservation. the president himself broadcast he got the vaccines directly just simply to prove that the vaccine is safe  and will not kill  anyone. Despite that, there are some “morons” who  think that this is all a pandemic.  Yes,  they think it is a pandemic which was planned by the elite, for example Bill Gates and his foundation. 

But I  was wondering why Mr. Gates is demonized so much  while Zuckerberg or  Elon Musk doesn’t get the same condemnation. Because Zuckerberg is also enjoying this pandemic. More people are on his social media sites and apps more than ever before. And Elon Musk, thanks to the pandemic his electric car is gaining popularity, and his Company’s stock Tesla is soaring high. In the meantime, we are still suffering.  we are stuck at home. Maybe we’re not lacking food for dying of hunger, we are dying of loneliness and mental health problems and domestic violence and unreasonable fear  of losing what we may have  or not  have at all.

The government even plans to put those who are against vaccinations into jail. while some agree with this policy, the rest keep silent about it and some are vocal about rejecting vaccinations because not all of us are  healthy enough to get the vaccine.

This controversy, debate,  and angst  are endless and  useless and sickening. So instead I resort to something else : reading. (*/)

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Diary: Vaccine, Please Save Me!”

  1. I hope you are well Akhlis. We are starting to jab people with the vaccines here in Ireland (and yeah there’s plenty of scandal too around it). One can only hope that this is all over soon, so I can travel again.

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