Pandemic Diary: Stock Investment Craze

DID you hear that people in Indonesia are getting so desperate they start to get infatuated by stocks and investment lately?

They think as the market crashes, they can take advantage of the economic malaise and reap the benefits.


In no time.

Which is not entirely wrong. But may be misleading in some way.

Investing in stock market is not a short-term investment and that’s not our celebgrams convey to the laymen.

They blindly recommended stocks in hopes that people start saving to buy stock in these amazingly weak economic period.

But it turned out the supposedly good and useful advice turned sour and proved to be a boomerang.

It’s because every one’s financial profile is unique and investing is thus to be manifested in a unique way too, according to their unique profile and context.

But I see this as a way to start dialogs about investment.

Yes, these celebgrams are there to cause debates and after that, dialogs arise and swirl around the web.

Some investment experts and legit investment institutions are asked about the phenomenon and of course they tell the truth.

That stock investment is not an instant, get-rich-quick scheme.

It takes a long time to be able to finally live on the dividend.

And it takes a longer time to be really really wealthy like Warren Buffet and even Mr Buffet still lives a modest life. So we all know this is not about how much money one has got or invested but more about the mindset and so forth. (*/)

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