Pandemic Diary: It Feels Good and Sucks to Have Pets At The Same Time

Bair and his Mara

PETS are another source of psychological and mental relief for those locked down at home. Because pets scarcely disappoint. With humans, you will never know the possibilities.




With pets, you’ll never have these issues. They are cute and honest and playful. No drama. All fun, except the feces management affair.

So when I watch this Mongolian movie “Celestial Camel”, I envy Bair. I don’t envy his living in a desert. Not at all. But I envy him because he has that one pet he is willing to put his life at stake. No doubt. No hesitation. He is simply unstoppable.

One scene I watch over and over again is his cuddling scene after he gives up. Altynka, the celestial camel, is Mara’s cub. Mara is an adult female camel who just gave birth. She and her cub are the family’s treasured pets. So when the father can’t make money, they sell Altynka to a Russian guy looking for a new-born camel for a movie. But the bonds between the human owner and the pet are too strong to cut off. (*/)

Bair and Altynka, cuddling each other like lovers.

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