Pandemic Diary: Journalists Will Get Vaccinated for FREE and Tax Exemption

The bomb was dropped on February 9th, 2021.

The president announced proudly that journalists are going to get vaccinated soon. And to add to the excitement, they are also exempted from income taxes.


Only for the formally employed journalists though.

I doubt that the government even cares about the freelance journalists. But let’s appreciate this huge step.

And to return the good deeds of the government, the Association of Indonesian Journalists (PWI) pushes an agenda: social media act.

Excuse me?!

So here’s the gist: the act will differentiate the real professional journalists from the amateurish, unregistered, grey journalists.

I understand the idea. As a nation, we are already fed up with hoax and disinformation and misinformation which run rampant even after the election season was over. And such things have caused a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings and chaos among the grassroots, who suffer most but benefit least from this.

I do appreciate this agenda though. It helps clear the messy press landscape in Indonesia.

This could be another step to authoritarianism in the republic. But let me tell you, let’s give this regime the benefit of doubt. (*/)

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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