Pandemic Diary: A Year of Being (Mostly) Locked at Home Away from Family

This month marks a single year of my pandemic diary. Well, nothing to celebrate really. Because what is to be proud of or what is exciting about it?

Oddly enough, I do have several things to be proud of.

I am living in and out of Jakarta and quite mobile actually but so far I am negative. Or at the very least, I feel healthy enough throughout all these months. Who knew I got infected and undetected? But seriously I never felt as healthy and fit as I am now.

As a person who lives away from my hometown, it did break my heart a bit that I couldn’t go home during Eid. But the fact is I am introverted and I don’t miss colossal and meaningless gatherings during big days. I do miss my family members but never miss events that oblige me to make an unnecessary public appearance.

So naturally speaking this pandemic is just the right time for me to dissolve myself into a deep solitude and contemplation.

Also, another achievement is I moved and have my own nest in a quite decent place outside the Covid-battered Jakarta. Just a perfect timing because right there I can have fun with myself and the nature without having to meet many people. Never did I love a neighborhood this much.

Best view ever to enjoy every morning🥰

Something else to be proud of during this pandemic is that I start to teach yoga even more often than ever. The pandemic really stresses people out so they need more relaxing modalities such as yoga so as not to go nuts at home.

On writing, I also keep on writing my diary, on the citizen journalism blog, teaching as a writing coach, and working on my client’s projects. Yes, the pandemic seems to bring me more writing gigs than before.

I do believe the saying “there is always a silver lining in every cloud”. And covid-19 proves just that!

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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