Pandemic Diary: The Foolish and Pig-headed

Citizens are born to speak up. They cannot stay silent to fix things because their governments oftentimes won’t listen or forget to listen.

So if you feel desperate about your government’s performance in overcoming the impacts of the Covid-19 unprecedented pandemic around you, worry not! You are not alone.

Many of us DO feel the same way, too. We feel like other nations have made huge progress but your nation shamefully is lagging behind.

As for Indonesia, I can point out that they are so lenient and lack discipline. But at the same time they want to get quick results. And when they start to feel tired, they slack and get lazy and worsen.

The Indonesians are known for its close social ties. They love gathering a little bit above the world’s average. Everything goes communal. Especially in villages.

They flock like sparrows. They gather like planktons. They chatter like birds. They are stubborn. They are unstoppable.

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