Pandemic Diary: “Ikatan Cinta” Helps Indonesians Forget the Miserable and Confusing Pandemic Life

Al is a foolish husband who can’t crack open an egg perfectly. Andin helps him learn this new skill.

Aldebaran and Andin have been household names in Indonesia.

They are the main protagonists of a soap opera titled “Ikatan Cinta”, aired on RCTI.

No no, let me tell you I am not a fan.

I saw this at a glance at a nearby eatery in Jakarta.

The waitresses religiously watched the soap opera, not wanting to take their sight away from the screen. Not even a single second.

The waitresses are not alone.

There are millions of other faithful viewers all over the country.

And my niece is one of them.

She called me the other day: “You gotta watch Ikatan Cinta!”

I was cringing. She is younger than 10, not an age to enjoy such content. Well, there are many more educative content for her to watch.

But the waitresses and my niece are not the only people watching this soap opera.

There are housewives and their husbands protesting the village head after several intermittent power failures at their village.

No electricity means they cannot watch TV.

And they cannot miss the soap opera at any cost.

So they took bold steps to secure their only pandemic escapism entertainment.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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