Pandemic Diary: The Government Pathetically Shows Mixed, Confusing Messages about “Love and Buy Local Products”

Every citizen has something to say about their government every single day regardless of the country they live in.

You cannot feel satisfied and content with your current government.

Imagine for example if you live in the US, you may be now lamenting over the increasing racist Anti-Asian tension in the country after some Asian women were shot.

In the UK, people may rant about the royal drama that has been at the center of spotlight after Megan Markle’s debacle at Oprah Winfrey’s.

Meanwhile, in China you may complain about the dictatorship of Xi Jinping’s regime despite the country’s marvelous economic achievement. They may be rich but are not enjoying much freedom as human beings who are known to be animals of politics (zoon politicon).

In Indonesia, we have our own issues. Our government recently sends out mixed and confusing messages about the president’s statement which incited comments whether we should not only love local, domestic products but also HATE foreign products.

Of course the president faced backlash. The public has seen him at a lot of public events sporting an Apple product such as iPad to support his online appearances.

And now a ministry stated that it’d import salt from other countries because the domestically produced salt failed to comply with international standards.

The president has instructed ministers to discover why it is so. But still no real solution is achieved to date. Sad.

It’s regrettable that salt producers felt disappointed and furious at the same time. Prices of domestic salt has dropped and while the government did nothing to help, they want to import foreign salt to the Indonesia’s market. I can understand they are mad as hell.

The government is accused of importing salt out of compulsiveness. Instead of real needs.

But to top it off, the government also stated it’d import rice when local farmers are celebrating harvest season this month.

I do comprehend their frustration. Indeed.

My heart and deepest sympathy go to every and each salt producer and rice farmer in the archipelago. (*/)

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