Pandemic Diary: Monetizing My Writing Skills

To survive this pandemic unscathed, I decided to more intensively monetize my writing skills by becoming a writing ‘whore’.

Sounds disgusting, but let me explain.

I’m always living ideally. Well, choosing this profession itself is an idealisme per se.

This pandemic has caused a lot of ups and downs in my life as well.

And it turned out writing religiously on this free WordPress blog won’t pay my bills.

I’m running out of resources and need to find ways to monetize things I have to help people with their problems.

I took the liberty to choose and try some things new out.

Hence, and (I can say it’s Indonesia’s

3 responses to “Pandemic Diary: Monetizing My Writing Skills”

  1. How’s it going so far? And luck? I’m intrigued into how your writing skills have become monetised!

    1. Still figuring out. You must have an audience first (email list). And from there you can test the audience whether they are willing to pay or not.

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