Pandemic Diary: That Lost Sense of Justice, Equality and Fairness

The last time I ranted about this mega wedding, I never thought the scale was increasingly insane.

And now all heads turned to the social media faux pas of our head of state and minister of defense. They were attending and serving as the witnesses of the bride and groom. That should not be an issue but their attendance was announced on the official Twitter account of the State Secretariate. Should this wedding go this far?

An archipelago of paradox

Way to go, mr President and his former enemy…

A lot of mixed messages we have found so far from Indonesian public officials, politicians, celebrities and public figures.

I almost cried but why should I waste this precious tear for those who don’t even think of laymen’s feelings like me?

Again and again we are faced with these shameless display of violation of justice and fairness and paradox.

Sometimes this is why I turn pessimistic but there are times when I just let this go and keep my head high.

Moving forward.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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