Pandemic Diary: Making Difficult Lives Difficult

Indonesians are really good at producing laws and regulations.

They, oddly enough, don’t produce laws that protect themselves from sexual violence. Unlike ratifying the controversial laws of Job Creation (RUU Cilaka), most probably Sexual Violence Prevention Laws wouldn’t bring direct (financial and political) benefits.

Unfortunately also, they are not good at observing rules.

The government refuses to take charge of the citizens’ welfare during the pandemic because it’s impossible to feed more than 270 millions of mouths in the archipelago during the ineffectual lockdown (or whatever the name is) which comes off and on, with a perpetual change between relaxation and restriction.

And now as the Idulfitri is approaching, many people are starting to go home despite the government’s prohibition of mobilization (mudik).

It’s hard when your parents are technologically challenged. They can’t afford smartphones, broadband connection, and laptops on which you can comfortably launch a Zoom meeting with other family members. Which is why these grassroots insist they must go home on the celebration of Idulfitri as Ramadan ends soon.

And it sucks to be the government who finds itself incapable of providing solutions but only producing controversial regulations which cause more problems and stir frustratingly ceaseless debates.

This answers the question of why Coronavirus is endlessly haunting the nation.

They are just too weak to be disciplined.

It’s a character.

You can’t change it no matter what.

Indonesia is a nation of pleasure. We’re destined to be laid back.

We want to do whatever we want. As much as we want.

So when a politician proposed “Algorithm Hill” to build Silicon Valley-inspired entrepreneurial area in Indonesia, many mock and deride his idea.

We doubt it will really work.

This could be just another new ‘opportunity’ of mega corruption.

We know the pattern. We know ourselves.

Is it a self fulfilling prophecy to say that this nation is destined to succeed or soar?

But first thing first, why does it really matter?

China is too big to handle for Indonesia, which is why we consolidate with other Southeast asian nations.

But on China, our vaccine availability is dependent upon.

China is our biggest ally and bully (remember that Natuna Sea/ South China Sea conflict) and thus we have mixed feelings with our giant, super wealthy and smart neighbor.

But anyway, we also oppress Papua day by day as the tension escalates.

All the dynamics continue despite the pandemic.

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