Pandemic Diary: Livin’ Covida Loca


I saw this App Store flyer saying: “SING ALONG THIS EID.”

I uploaded the screenshot on my Twitter feed and commented in a miserable tone: “How could I???”

But really today is the second Eid we Indonesians celebrate without any large scale festivity.

Any uproarious public events and prayers are officially prohobited, from night praying to family gatherings.

The government is strongly despised for this no-mobilization policy.

Some others have the courage to just go to their hometowns and see their family members and parents for the sake of annual traditions. With high risks of infecting or getting infected on their way home.

But some people have no choice. They are forced to go home by their financial issues.

Like this poor girl. She couldn’t stay in Jakarta and planned to go to Lampung, her hometown. But on her way home, he had to be stopped by a police officer. She shed tears, telling journalists and the police officer: “I am jobless. I must go home.”


You can’t tell her to stay. That’s if you’re a human. With a heart.

Another heart-wrenching case is this family of four. The breadwinner lost his job and thus couldn’t afford to stay in Bandung. So they decided to go home, on foot. They walked for 6 days straight to get to their hometown.

I gasped. So surreal, the struggle.

I have no idea whether they got some help finally or not.

Meanwhile, some displays of abundance, wealth, and affluence are running rampant on television and social media.

Nagita Slavina, Raffi Ahmad’s wife, who co-owns a giant business empire with her husband distributed THR (bonuses for their employees prior to Eid).

Netizens are stunned by the ‘generosity’ of Slavina. But what she gave is in fact a microscopic fraction of her wealth. I’m not impressed.

Back to my “Sing along this Eid” rant, I felt the urge to just scream this heart out today.

I switched my laptop on and found some favorite songs on YouTube.

Ricky Martin’s came along on my mind.

So let’s sing: LIVIN’ COVIDA LOCAAAAA!!!

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