Pandemic Diary: Being Jobless or Being Exploited? Your Choice

ANIES Baswedan, Jakarta governor, was enraged.

He was reportedly inspecting the office buildings around the city to find out whether the rules of PPKM was seriously observed by the business folks.

Sadly enough he met some selfish business owners and directors who ‘allow’ their employees work at office.

He did explode. Not as spectacular as Ahok but sure he still made some ripples for people to notice.

What is even more crazy than this is that employees can get fired for reporting anonymously to the government.

So many violations of workers’ rights happening during the pandemic and we cannot just stay silent about this madness.

Still some people say workers should think a thousand times before reporting their companies to the government for making their employees work at office.

These critical workers are labelled “ungrateful” when it is actually rightful to refuse to work at office in this critical period of time when the country is becoming the second India.

ILO must listen to these workers’ complaints. (*/)

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