Voiceless and Faceless Vlogging for Introverts

Having found Sorekara Melancholy on YouTube perhaps around a year ago, I revisited the channel this morning and felt surprised to know a rise in the number of subscribers.

Back then it only garnered thousands of subscribers. I wasn’t even sure if the channel would get more exponentially.

First of all, it isn’t the regular vlogs we can find on YouTube.

You cannot find the channel owner’s face. You can’t even hear his voice. So it’s safe to say he is an introverted man. Yes the only fact of his life we all know is that he is a Japanese man in his thirties, living all alone at an apartment. He cooked himself, water his plants in the morning, works at home, work out, reads books, etc.

It looks so lonely, less exciting to some extroverts, but also soothing, peaceful and desirable to introverts.

It’s good to know that introverts can express themselves with their audiovisual content without making them feel uneasy.

Though it looks amazing to start a voiceless and faceless vlog channel but I don’t think it’s for everyone because it takes a sense of art and tech to create this series of videos.

With my less than impressive digital editing skills, I think what is possible for me is to explore creative writing to express myself instead of exploring with aesthetic videos like his.

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