What Indonesian Netizens Are Doing to Woo Ha-Ram Is Just Unpleasant, Stupid, and Shameful


INDONESIAN netizens are known for their ridiculous mob attacks agains whatever and whoever they think get under the way.

And they also bully those who they think are ridiculous to them.

One of the not-so-recent victim is Woo Ha-Ram, a Korean male diver who participated in the Olympics diving competition in 2021.

If you read the above post, the diver’s Instagram comment boxes are scattered with comments from Indonesians who mock his name.

The word “haram” which sounds like his given name Ha-Ram means “forbidden”.

That is the most commonly associated meaning with the word. Whenever people say “haram”, they immediately think of pork, murder, blood, anything forbidden by the rules of Islam.

But these people forget that the word “haram” also means “holy”. Mecca, the city where muslims around the world are headed to everytime they pray 5 times a day, itself is called “Masjidil Haram”, meaning “a holy or sacred place”. The place is considered holy because it is strongly tied with prophets like Ibrahim and Muhammad, two major prophets in Islam.

So Koreans, if your diver gets mocked by Indonesians, DO tell them that he is not “forbidden” or “un-halal” but instead he is a “holy” creature.

Woo Ha-ram is surely a divine creature when he dives beautifully into the pool.

That, I hope, will shut their mouths (or stop their thumbs?) for ever.

And anyway, I am Indonesian myself but I never condone such action. (*/)

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