On TikTok and Mental Health

I have been active on TikTok in these recent three weeks. The purpose of my presence on TikTok is to share things that I know and learn. To get heard of course is one of my goals here. My message is that everyone should be self motivated to get fit and active for the sake of their own wellbeing as this is what I have enjoyed and reaped from my practice (both yoga and the mixture of other physical disciplines that I adore and believe, such as gymnastics, ballet and pilates).

And what I can notice and be aware of is my sleeping intensity is disrupted at night, which causes a bit sluggishness during the day. This has not impacted my work performance significantly so far but I can tell I yawn during the working hours, something I never experienced before. And that is alarming to me because sleep is sacred to me! 😅

Thus far I am still lucky to have only kind followers and commenters who leave nice words. Which is why I can never imagine how it will impact me and my sanity if I find a harsh comment or a rude follower.😭

I found a comment or two about my body shape. Despite the fact that I am a man, this also hits me hard. So far it has been only compliments. Nothing is abrassive or offensive. So i thank everyone here for that 🙏🏼because I have seen another Tiktoker defending himself for something unnecessary or to prove something wrong. I don’t need to do such a thing for I am a pacifist Tiktoker, I should say. 😂

But the good things and amazing potentials from tiktok are also numerous. 

Never have I gained so many followers in a matter of weeks on instagram or any other social media platforms. My twitter following is stuck at 900-ish. Such a shame considering I have been actively tweeting since 2009.😆😆

So i kind of understand as to why Meta as the parent company of instagram is furious about tiktok’s rise. Instagram might be still going strong for now but we will never know what will happen even in the following months in 2022. That is why instagram copies all tiktok’s amazing features but again if you are a follower, you will always come second regardless of how smart or unbeatable you are in reality. 

One thing i noticed even more on tiktok is the body image issue. It is so amplified here! Instagram is problematic but tiktok is just as messy as instagram was and is. 

At first i had a hunch that these people on tiktok only care about shallow stuff like ideal body images. In this case, i somehow find it true and wrong. 

It is true because showing off your physical body like fitness models, financial assets like Sisca Kohl, quirky and outlandish talents like Popo Barbie, or the most ridiculous and bestial side of humanity is the most effective intangible capital to get likes here. 

This is why my first most popular content is abs workout. 🤣 i kind of read these people’s insecurities about their beer bellies and dad bodies. They don’t want to look fat and ugly and horrible. 

But i also find that some tiktok users also are not as shallow. They are wise, polite, educated even. They crave for more self improvement. And i discovered this by means of my split tiktok tutorial video, which is a blast. They liked it so much apparently. It wasn’t shared or liked by millions but still, you know, it means a lot to microinfluencers like myself😌.

To conclude, I want to say that I am not going to leave Tiktok anytime soon because if used properly and moderately it offers so many benefits. For example I can reach out new people who don’t even know yoga before or motivate those who don’t even know how to start an active lifestyle.  (*/)

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