On tiktok and content consumption pattern

I have known some youtubers getting comments on their channels from their subscribers: “Hey why don’t you create TikTok videos? This could be viral. So useful and eye-opening…”

But not all youtubers welcome such encouragement to swift their territory. YouTube has become their comfort zone. 

I myself came from different content background. I grew up as a digital citizen as a blogger. I write stuff. I have never seen myself as an expressive personality that eloquently gets my messages across with my own voice, demonstrate things, and show my face carefreely for unclear purposes. As a yoga instructor, I know I have to show my body because this is my tool. But to show off my face is a different thing. I am no beauty blogger or model. 

With such prohibition in mind, i entered the TikTok world to share what I know and experience as a yoga and general movement practitioner. 

TiktTok has brought us to the new era of content packaging. Now we don’t have to make so much effort to create serious and professional YouTube content or a well researched blog post that may take days or weeks to craft and edit and polish. 

One can just record or even stitch videos and add a home-made, amateurish, blurry and shaky video with least preparation and simplest tools and it gets viral. Boom! Million views in a day. Crazy! 

The instant gratification is so much higher on TikTok than on Instagram or any other social media platforms. So high they are pushing themselves harder than ever before to surpass TikTok and its algorithm. 

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